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Takeaway dalle 11.30-16.00 h

Tel. 061 225 95 59
oppure lasosta@swm-basel.ch

I nostri

orari d’apertura

Da mar a dom dalle 10 alle 18, in dicembre ogni giorno dalle 10 alle 18

È possibile visitare il Ristorante La Sosta anche senza ingresso al museo!


COVID-19 protection concept

The health and safety of staff and guests are of paramount importance to. To ensure everyone’s protection at Ristorante La Sosta, the institution has developed a protection concept that implements the COVID-19 measures of the federal and cantonal government. In addition to the basic rules regarding hygiene and social distancing, the following measures are in place:

Access only with an official certificate of vaccination or recovery and an official proof of identity. (from the age of 16) The validity of the certificate can only be verified by scanning a QR code with the application "Covid Certificate".

  • Wearing a mouth-nose protection (mask) is again compulsory in the whole museum, the shop and in the restaurant (up to the table).
  • hand disinfectant is available in the foyer for visitors and staff
  • in the Boutique visitors are asked to touch only the goods they wish to buy
  • card payment at the cash desk is preferred
  • access to the museum or specific exhibition rooms can be temporarily restricted if there are too many people in them

Il vostro


Dalla stazione SBB/FFS si raggiunge il museo con una breve passeggiata di circa 15 minuti fino alla Barfüsserplatz.

Una confortevole alternativa è il tram della linea 8 dalla stazione SBB/FFS alla Barfüsserplatz o il tram della linea 11, fermata Theater o Barfüsserplatz. Dalla stazione Badischer Bahnhof prendete il tram numero 6 e scendete alla fermata Barfüsserplatz o Theater.

Se venite in automobile, consigliamo di lasciare l’auto negli autosili presso la stazione SBB/FFS (Centralbahnparking), Elisabethen, Steinen o al Parkhaus Badischer Bahnhof.

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