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The restaurant is open - with Covid-19 protection concept!

Takeaway from 11.30-16.00 h
Tel. 061 225 95 59
or lasosta@swm-basel.ch


Часы работы

Tue. to Sun. from 10 to 18, in December, daily from 10 to 18

You can visit Ristorante La Sosta even if you don’t enter the museum!


COVID-19 protection concept

The health and safety of staff and guests are of paramount importance to. To ensure everyone’s protection at Ristorante La Sosta, the institution has developed a protection concept that implements the COVID-19 measures of the federal and cantonal government. In addition to the basic rules regarding hygiene and social distancing, the following measures are in place:

  • From 13 September 2021, visitors of the museum and the restaurant (inside) will be required to show a Covid-19 certificate (from the age of 16), i.e. you will need a valid Swiss or EU/EFTA Covid-19 certificate (vaccinated, recovered, tested) and an official proof of identity.
  • It is allowed to visit the shop and the restaurant outside without Covid-certificate.
  • It is obligatory that all visitors wear a mask when visiting the museum, the shop or the restaurant inside. Masks may only be removed at the table in the restaurant.
  • Social distancing: A distance of 1.5 metres is maintained between the tables.
  • Hand hygiene: Wash your hands with water and soap or use disinfectant.


Как нас найти

От вокзала SBB пешком можно за 15 минут дойти до площади Barfüsserplatz (Барфюссерплатц).

Более удобным вариантом передвижения является трамвай, или, как его называют в Базеле, трам. От вокзала SBB трам N 8 до площади Barfüsserplatz (Барфюссерплатц) или трам N 11, остановки Theater Театр или площадь Barfüsserplatz (Барфюссерплатц). От вокзала Базель Бад идет трам N 6 до остановки площадь Barfüsserplatz (Барфюссерплатц) или Театр.

Посетители, путешествующие на машине, могут запарковаться в гаражах при вокзале SBB (Centralbahnparking), Elisabethen (Элизабетен) , Steinen (Штайнен) гараж при вокзале Badischer Bahnhof.

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